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Welcome to the Tierra Vista School website!


Our school serves over 700 students in grades K through 5th and we also host 45 pre-school students from the Ocean View Early Education School. At Tierra Vista, we recognize the important contributions parents make toward a child’s success in school. One of the most important ingredients of a successful school is the partnership between the school and parents who work together for the best interest of children. 

In this school year, we find teachers establishing school standards and rules. The school’s Leadership Team is continuously reviewing tests results and exploring the best ways to provide effective instruction in the classrooms. Teachers have established specific routines for the children to follow.  These routines, combined with the teacher’s consistent standards, form a smooth running classroom where the children have the security of understanding their environment and are reinforced positively for their contributions. School and home can work together to build skills and knowledge, reinforce values, and develop a strong sense of self-worth. We must invest our time and energies in our nation’s most valuable resource - our children.

Thanks for visiting our web page and, at Tierra Vista, we are looking forward having you visiting our school.


 Javier Bolivar, Principal

Tierra Vista Elementary School

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